Mobile Net Neutrality: A Future Concern?

A recent ITSPA study that has investigated the issue of Voip blocking on mobile networks reveals that consumers are unlikely to be able to use Voip over 3g networks should they try.

Voxhub doesn’t actually recommend using 3g for Voip since it is hard achieve a consistent quality and doesn’t work over nearly all providers!

So why should we be concerned?

It is the future higher speed mobile networks, that are on the way next year, that we are worried about.

It its expected that mobile networks will be able to offer a viable alternative to fixed broadband with the advent of LTE or 4g as it is better known.

When this happens you should expect to be able to use any service not just what the mobile companies want you to use. Not only as a matter of principal but also because legally ISP’s should follow European directives governing Net Neutrality.

You may be thinking that surely the mobile companies will follow the law?

Well, this its not clear at the moment. After all they do block services at the moment and are getting away with it!

So today a bunch of us are meeting Ofcom for an initial discussion. Four Members of the ITSPA council that includes BT, Vonage, Coms and us.

Hopefully, this will all work itself out. After all should Net neutrality not be a condition when the spectrum is auctioned in 2012?

Dan Winfield is CEO at Voxhub a telephony service that is clever enough to work the way your business does. Wherever or however you choose to run your business, Voxhub will unite your company to act as one when it comes to using the telephone. Voxhub is a privately owned service developed and operated by our own in house team.

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