Moving away from 0845 and 0870 numbers

Hopefully you have read our last post on how 0845 and 0870 numbers are not good for business.

So what is the alternative and how can you move away from your existing 08 numbers?

If you have an 0845 or 0870 number then there is a corresponding 0345 and 0370 number that should be reserved for your use. I say “should” since it is the company that issued your 08 number originally that has the corresponding 03 matching equivalent. If you were issued an 0845 number by Voxhub then we have kept the 03 safe for you.

The 0345 or 0370 number will only be one digit different, as it simply replaces the 08 with 03,  so 0845 1234567 would mean you have 0345 1234567 reserved for you.

So what can you do? It all depends on where your 08 number originally came from:

1) If you were issued an 0845 number by Voxhub:

As a help to move from 0845 we will provide you the corresponding 0345 number that is reserved for you at a nominal cost of just 50p per month.

If you do not want an 03 number we can provide you with normal geographic number (01, 02) instead at no charge.

The 08 numbers will continue to operate so that you can transition customers to a cheaper way of contacting you.

2) If you were issued an 0845 number by another provider:

Email our sales team at and tell them the number that you would like to port to your Voxhub service and we will check to see if we can port it for you. If we can, we will let you know the process, if we can’t we will be happy to find a new 03 number for you.

3) Even if you don’t have an 08 number and would just like a completely new 01, 02 or 03 number for your business, contact Voxhub sales on 020 30 30 30 30 or and we will get straight on it.

Dan Winfield is CEO at Voxhub a telephony service that is clever enough to work the way your business does. Wherever or however you choose to run your business, Voxhub will unite your company to act as one when it comes to using the telephone. Voxhub is a privately owned service developed and operated by our own in house team.

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