2015 is 10 years of Voxhub

It is hard to imagine what we have been doing all this time, but it was 10 years ago this year that Chris Young and myself started Voxhub.

The actual anniversary date depends what you consider to be the event that marks it all. The service launched on the 14th of February 2005, the domain was registered on the 24th December 2004 and work was started from the end of the summer before that. Personally, I think our launch date represents the real anniversary, as it was then that the first customers came on board.

Looking back to 2005, we knew it was going to be hard work but we didn’t know what we were really getting in to on the Telecoms side of things. As Chris and I sat down to begin developing the service, our Internet focused experience and approach was about to clash with the regulated and anti competitive practices of the Telecoms market.

Our initial goals focused around building a Web App that would control your telephones, give you greater flexibility with browser controls, freedom to work anywhere and ultimately did much more than a traditional phone system. Back then we were used to phones being fixed devices that were constrained by out of date phone systems, in-flexible communications companies and decades old public telephone exchanges. We wanted something different and that was what we started with as our idea. To achieve this we have had to become both a telephone network and an Internet company in one, with a lot more work on the infrastructure than we originally planned for.

Over the coming months I will write some more about what we have been up to over the last 10 years, look at how things have changed, how some things in the industry are still holding us back and look forward to what we will be doing over the coming years.

When the 14th of February 2015 arrives Voxhub will be 10 years old.

Dan Winfield is CEO at Voxhub a telephony service that is clever enough to work the way your business does. Wherever or however you choose to run your business, Voxhub will unite your company to act as one when it comes to using the telephone. Voxhub is a privately owned service developed and operated by our own in house team.

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