Strategies for Home Working

For those customers that do not currently work at home with their Voxhub service it is relatively simple to make the move.

Using the Voxhub for iPhone or Android App, it can work as a replacement for the office phone with exactly the same telephone numbers and ringing rules for teams and main lines. Calls between users work the same way as with office desk phones using the normal extension number and are free of call charges.

Getting up and running with the Voxhub App

The app needs to be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store and the user then logs in using their Voxhub username and password.  For customers without user accounts active they will need to be set-up first.

Depending on the complexity of your account with us it is possible to move to apps by us taking your current set-up and simply adding the Voxhub App to it. The current ringing rules and extensions stay the same.

The current challenges we are having with some customers include.

  1. Needing to set-up user accounts for those without accounts.
  2. Verifying the set-up on your account is up-to-date.

Largely speaking getting up and running with the App is reasonably straightforward and our team can work through any snags you may have.

Limitations of Home Internet Connections

Working at home means that you will be relying on the quality of your home Internet connection and Wifi equipment you are using.

VoIP is a realtime service meaning that it is immediately obvious if there are any connectivity problems. Your connectivity must not become congested with other traffic, so if there are others in your house using the Internet then this can affect the quality of your calls.

Some home broadband providers supply equipment that is not compatible with all VoIP services. The only way to know if this is the case is to try it.

Home Wifi might be advertised as the best on the market but these are often nothing like as good as commercial and office Wifi. Wifi access points costing over £200 easily outperform home Wifi from home routers.  You may find that you need to work nearer your Wifi aerial or move your router if it is poorly located or shielded behind other objects.

You may be able to use the Voxhub App over 4G instead of Wifi depending on your cellphone signal strength and provider.

Taking Office Phones Home

We do not recommend that you try to take your office desk phone home. The majority of phones we supply do not come with a power supply in the office and this may need to be purchased.

Office desk phones use ethernet cables and these need to be plugged in to your router. Location of where you want to work and the distance to the router needs to be cabled properly.

Finally, we have more problems with home connections and office phones due to home router incompatibilities when compared to our Voxhub App.

Dan Winfield is CEO at Voxhub a telephony service that is clever enough to work the way your business does. Wherever or however you choose to run your business, Voxhub will unite your company to act as one when it comes to using the telephone. Voxhub is a privately owned service developed and operated by our own in house team.

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