Served Up or ServedUp?

If you see “ServedUp” on your credit card or bank statement it is likely that you have bought something at a hospitality venue that uses a new payment system with a name confusingly similar to that of Served Up Ltd, an established telecommunications company.

If you are on this page or have emailed or phoned us to enquire about this payment you are likely to have been confused by the similarity. Our customers that pay by Direct Debit will see “SERVED UP LTD” on their bank statements. Here is more information:

Served Up Ltd. are a pioneer VoIP provider that have been supplying businesses with internet telephony services since 2002 (Incorporated on 8 October 2002).

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SERVED UP(R) is a registered trademark of SERVED UP LTD. (registered 06 June 2013).

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ServedUp is the name of a cloud based POS solution from Innovate Energy Solutions Ltd (Incorporated on 20 April 2017).

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