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Strategies for Home Working

For those customers that do not currently work at home with their Voxhub service it is relatively simple to make the move. Using the Voxhub for iPhone or Android App, it can work as a replacement for the office phone

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Coronavirus Update Tuesday 17th March

This week our team have begun working at home. The biggest impact to our team is the increased demand for our support as a result of customers moving to home working. We are currently keeping up with requests but the

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Coronavirus Readiness Planning

In response to the emerging coronavirus threat in the UK, I am outlining some of our preparations and providing transparency on how it may affect the operations of our Voxhub business. It is looking very likely that over the coming

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WebRTC: Game changer or time waster?

At this coming weeks European VoIP Summit, I am speaking on the panel titled, WebRTC – Game changer or time waster? This is a subject that has been discussed to death over the last couple of years at industry gatherings.

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10 Years: Hello Ofcom

Before we started Voxhub it wasn’t our first thought to pay a visit to Ofcom. We were Internet people and had never had any need for dealings with the Telecom regulator. I had been reintroduced to VoIP technology by a

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2015 is 10 years of Voxhub

It is hard to imagine what we have been doing all this time, but it was 10 years ago this year that Chris Young and myself started Voxhub. The actual anniversary date depends what you consider to be the event

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Known Future Ltd becomes Served Up Ltd

Our service is called Voxhub but our Limited company name since 2002 has been Known Future Ltd After 10 years as Known Future Ltd we decided that we wanted a name that better fits the type of business we are

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Voxhub win ITSPA 2013 Awards

At this years ITSPA awards we were finalists for the Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) and Most Innovative Service awards. At the awards ceremony held at the Houses of Parliament we won the award for Most Innovative Service and received

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We are finalists in the 2013 ITSPA Awards

The finalists for the 2013 Internet Telephone Service Providers Association (ITSPA) have been announced today. Voxhub are finalists again in the Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) category. We might have won this award in 2012 but whatever happens on the

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Voxtop for Google Chrome Beta Release

I am pleased to announce that Voxtop for Google Chrome is now available for download in the Chrome Web store. This is the first beta version of the extension. The extension includes Click to call Google Contacts and Google Apps

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